Issues With TNA Being On Destination America

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2 thoughts on “Issues With TNA Being On Destination America

  1. Oh God Randy, you know that with this deal TNA is totally doomed. I did my homework on Destination America for the French wrestling board I hang around, and it’s not good.

    Destination America’s potential reach is about 60 million, while SPIKE’s reach is about 99 million. That’s a 39 million people difference. THIRTY NINE MILLION. Not only that, but I guarantee you that the actual number of people watching their channel is not even close to 60 million (and how could it be any different given that up until to years ago the channel was called “PLANET GREEN”?!).

    From what I was able to dig up Destination America’s highest rating ever is 0.81, 473,000 viewers. That was in April of this year, for the season 2 premier of “Mountain Monsters” on Fridays. And yes, you read that correctly, they’ve never topped 500,000 viewers. That’s HALF the average number TNA gets on SPIKE right now, which is in itself a pretty bad number overall; so IMAGINE what they’re gonna get come January 2015.

    Add this to the fact that Destination America’s budget is NOWHERE NEAR what SPIKE’s budget is and the fact that Janice hasn’t given a penny to Dixie for over a year now, and you know TNA is doomed. Because let’s all remember here that SPIKE gave quite the fat checks to TNA (any chance Randy you can give me the actual number SPIKE paid TNA per hour? I couldn’t remember what it was), that SPIKE financed the U.K. tours, that SPIKE paid so that TNA could take IMPACT on the road and probably a whole bunch of other things I can’t think of off the top of my head.

    Destination America is never gonna give TNA this much money, budget-wise they’re at the bottom of the list of Discovery’s channels. All they do is air shows about monsters, urban-legends, Alaska and sex (seriously did you take a look at their broadcast schedule? I swear I’ve never seen a channel this boring and awful). TNA is fucked. Before he left they asked AJ to take a 75% cut if he wanted to see his deal renewed (and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth as he’s said so in interviews), and that was when they still had SPIKE’s money. Now they got nothing, so what are they going to do? They won’t be able to afford anything and with the reach they’re gonna be getting with Destination America and the crappy ratings that are going to ensue they’re pretty much going to be on life-support for two years at which point they’ll have no choice but to close up shop (if they survive the two years, that is).

    This deal won’t benefit anyone except Dixie and her own damn ego, it will do more harm than good. And yet, despite all of this, I’ve heard the higher-ups in Nashville were celebrating that deal like Jesus had descended on earth (not that it is any surprising). Good God.

    Oh and wait… Did I mention that the door is now wide open for Dixie to bring back her beloved Vince Russo since TNA is leaving SPIKE?! Jesus what a clusterfuck.

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