Lucha Underground Inside the Ring With Vampiro: Working The Ropes????

I like the guy, respect all he accomplished in Mexico being from Canada, and think he was definitely creative and innovative as a performer.
BUT, I hate this kind of content and I’m having a hard time understanding selective anal retention in regard to rings? Mexico rings are typically “death traps”!

Once I did three ring rentals for the now defunct XWF. Dealt with Jerry Saggs which was far from pleasant. The absolute only reason I did the rentals was because of their then promoter (and my close friend) Mike Lima asked.
If memory serves, they still owe me $200-$300. I had their canvas and aprons for a while figuring they’d be worth something someday when the venture tanked.

Had all these “J/O’s” taking advantage of an investor but, fucking me on a few hundred dollars? Either way, I gave them there shit back.

So, Vamp was in the ring in Hammond In. doing stretching, push ups, etc. before doors. He was using these handled things that came before “The Perfect Push Up” inside the ring which were made of metal and supported his weight. Thus causing flat spots (which would compress and retain there shape shortly as the padding was gymnastics mat) and makes his ring inspection after his impromptu work out. Guy goes and grabs Saggs and tells him “theres bald spots right here in the ring!”

So Saggs, comes over like a hard ass and the “mole hill” escalates to me having the canvas pulled up and show both of these “mo-mo’s” that Vampiro did the bald spot himself.

Again, I said what I said above but, if this isnt the definition of a “stooge” I dont know what is??

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