Premier Pro Wrestling Saturday 5-30 in Woodstock

Live Pro Wrestling returns to Woodstock, IL this saturday May 30th!!
1230 Davis Road. Woodstock, IL 7:30 belltime. Tickets at the door!

PPW World Champion “Persian Powerhouse” Milad Akbar had his championship match end in a disqualification against #1 Contender “Mr. Intensity” Alex Bernadino when “World Exclusive” Matt Vine got involved. Vine and Bernadino have been at each other’s throats for months! Now, Bernadino will get another shot, this time against both Akbar and Vine!

Matt Vine doesn’t care about Akbar or Bernadino, he’s going to be PPW (Premier Pro Wrestling) Champion on May 30th in Woodstock, IL

Alex Bernadino has had enough of both Matt Vine and Premier Pro Wrestling Champion MIlad Akbar! He’s coming for both on May 30th in Woodstock, IL

See some highlights of PPW Student standout Iniestra against “World Exclusive” Matt Vine in the video below. Iniestra has only been training a few short months and is already impressive. PPW has gotten 6 trainees NXT/WWE tryouts in the past two years and 2 have been given WWE contracts! Iniestra is just one of many busting his butt trying to be the next Kalisto!!


Inestra faces EJ Jensen

“The Science” Marcus Smith takes on Andy Anderson

“The Outlaw” Jay Kross versus The Incredible Atlas J Horn

Max Cruz to face Scott Colton

Cutta Crosby vs. Chase Gosling
Former tag team champions will meet each other in the squared circle when Cutta Crosby goes head to head against Chase Gosling! Their tag team ended amicably, but is there any hidden resentment?

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