WWE: Zayn, Bryan, Owens all ROH damaged goods.


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Let the flames begin! But, facts are facts and WWE is a business. This “new direction” is not going to last as no company will continue to invest in people who aren’t making them money or contributing to that function.

I like these guys personally. And I like HHH too but, its not plausible business when you are publicly traded and this trend of thinking ROH talent is key is going to be short lived.

IMO these things are a result of a few things but mostly, irresponsible agenting and shitty rings.

Sami Zayn to undergo MRI on his shoulder

NXT Superstar Sami Zayn suffered a shoulder injury during his U.S. Championship Match against John Cena on Raw.

Zayn, who answered The Champ’s open-challenge defense of his title, was tended to by WWE officials during the match after appearing to aggravate his shoulder, yet he continued on and finished the contest despite the injury. WWE.com can confirm that Zayn will be undergoing an MRI on his shoulder today to determine the nature and extent of his injury.

Continue to check back as more updates are made available.

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Daniel Bryan Injury: WWE Intercontinental Champion Still Not Completely Healthy?

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WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens has been unstoppable since making his debut this past December. However, even he can fall victim to the pitfalls accompanying a career in professional wrestling, as he underwent a meniscectomy on his knee.

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